Order & Activate - UltraScale Integrated 100G Ethernet Subsystem Ordering Instructions

Xilinx offers:

  • Hard Xilinx UltraScale Integrated 100G Ethernet Subsystem (no charge license key required)
  • 100GE Auto-Negotiation/Link Training, AN/LT, (fee-based license)
  • 100GE RS-FEC (fee-based license)

Requirements & Licensing Terms

  • Xilinx UltraScale Integrated 100G Ethernet Subsystem
  • 100GE Auto-Negotiation/Link Training, AN/LT
  • 100GE RS-FEC

Activation Instructions

Full access to the Xilinx UltraScale Integrated 100G Ethernet Subsystem and 100GE Auto-Negotiation/Link Training, AN/LT IP cores, including bitstream generation capability, requires that you generate and install a License Key.

To use the hard Xilinx UltraScale Integrated 100G Ethernet Subsystem, get a no charge license here.

To use the 100GE Auto-Negotiation/Link Training, AN/LT, request an evaluation license, please send an email with your company email address to ethernet_mgmt@xilinx.com.

To use the 100G RS-FEC, please refer to the product page

Ordering Information

To use the soft 100GE Auto-Negotiation/Link Training, AN/LT IP core, purchase a Project or a Site License from your local Xilinx sales representative using the appropriate part number in the table below:

LogiCORE Product Name License Key Feature Part Number
Xilinx UltraScale Integrated 100G Ethernet Subsystem cmac N/A
Soft 100GE AN/LT for Integrated 100G Ethernet for US/US+ cmac_an_lt EF-DI-100GE-AN-LT-PROJ*
100G IEEE 802.3bj Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction**




*100GE AN/LT is required for 100GBASE-KR4 or 100GBASE-CR4 applications.  For all other applications such as 100GBASE-SR4, it is not used.  If you do not require 100GBASE-KR4 or100GBASE-CR4, please ignore the cmac_an_lt license key warning message in Vivado.

**For more information, refer to the 100G RS-FEC Product Guide.

***Enables transcode bypass mode.  This mode is used for custom implementations. It is not required for standard RS-FEC support.  If you do not require this custom feature, please ignore the ieee802d3_rs_fec_only license key warning message in Vivado.  For more information, refer to the 100G RS-FEC Product Guide.

Generate and Install a Full License Key

After purchasing a license for the 100GE AN/LT IP core, follow the instructions in the purchase confirmation email you will receive on downloading the IP core netlist from the Xilinx Licensing Site, and on generating and installing a Full license key to activate Full access to the core.

Release Notes & Known Issues

For information on New Features, Known Issues, and Patches please refer to the Installation, Licensing and release Notes document available on the Licensing Solution Center.

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