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3GPP LTE DL Channel Encoder


Important Notice:

This IP Core has been discontinued. Effective Date: 10/27/2021

It is not recommended for new designs. The core will be removed from IP catalog as of 2022.1.

Product Description

The 3GPP LTE Channel Encoder performs the 'outer' transmit functions for the Physical Downlink Shared (PDSCH), Multicast (PMCH), Paging (PPCH), Control (PDCCH) and Broadcast (PBCH) channels, as defined in LTE specifications. The LogiCORE™ IP accepts transport blocks from the higher layers, appends the appropriate CRC sequence and performs segmentation, channel encoding and rate matching.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Channel coding for 3GPP TS 36.212 supports:
    • Downlink shared channel (DL-SCH)
    • Paging channel (PCH)
    • Multicast channel (MCH)
    • Broadcast channel (BCH)
    • Control format indicator (CFI)
    • HARQ indicator (HI)
    • Downlink control information (DCI)
  • Bit-accurate C model available
  • Fully optimized for speed and area
  • Fully synchronous design using a single clock
  • The LTE DL Channel Encoder is a component of the LTE Downlink Reference Design (registration required).

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