Product Description

The LTE Baseband Platform enables customers to more easily exploit the advantages of a 100% Xilinx FPGA baseband implementation, by offering a flexible, standards compliant and pre-optimized solution for LTE MIMO encode function.

The 3GPP LTE MIMO Encoder LogiCORE™ IP provides a flexible and highly optimized implementation of the MIMO encoding functions for LTE eNodeB applications, as defined in the 3GPP-LTE specifications. It represents one LogiCORE IP component in the broader LTE Baseband Platform developed by Xilinx.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Compliant with 3GPP TS 36.211 Release 9
  • Implements layer mapping and pre-coding
  • Supports both transmit diversity and space division multiplexing schemes
  • Cyclic delay diversity option
  • Maximum theoretical throughput supported for systems with up to 20 MHz bandwidth
  • Parametrizable input/output data precision
  • AXI4-Stream interface facilitates system integration and re-use
  • Bit accurate behavioral C model available to accelerate simulations

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