Video and Image Processing Pack


Important Notice:

Obsoleted in 2019.1 and not recommended for new designs.

Please refer to Product Discontinuation Notice XCN18017

Product Description

High quality video and image processing IP cores to enable faster time-to-market

Important Notice: There are changes to the VIPP package starting with the 2014.1 Vivado release.  The following cores are being removed from the package:  Defective Pixel Correction, Image Characterization, Image Statistics, Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction and Object Segmentation.  Image Edge Enhancement and Image Noise Reduction are being merged into a new core called Image Enhancement.

The Xilinx Video and Image Processing Pack provides a low cost bundled licensing option for all of the LogiCORE™ IP blocks listed in the key features section. Video processing blocks provide optimized hardware implementations for critical functions such as video scaling, on-screen display, picture-in-picture, text overlay, video and image analysis and more. Image processing blocks enable pre-processing of images captured by a color image sensor fitted with a Bayer Color Filter Array (CFA), correcting defective pixels, interpolating missing color components for every pixel, correcting colors to adjust to lighting conditions, setting gamma to compensate for the intensity distortion of different display devices and more.

Key Features and Benefits

Includes full licenses to the following LogiCORE IP cores:

Note: Refer to the individual IP core Product Guide for specific device family support.


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