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The ETRNIC IP  (Embedded Target NIC) is now available as part of  the ERNIC IP, starting Vivado 2018.3.
Xilinx has added the Initiator functionality, and rolled the Target and Initiator into a single  IP, hence the new IP name.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the name change.


Product Description

The ETRNIC (Xilinx Embedded Target RDMA enabled NIC) IP is a target only implementation of RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE v2) enabled NIC functionality. This parameterizable soft IP core can work with a wide variety of Xilinx hard and soft MAC IP implementations providing a high through-put, low latency and completely hardware offloaded reliable data transfer solution over standard Ethernet. The ETRNIC IP allows simultaneous connections to multiple remote hosts running RoCE v2 traffic.

Please talk to your Xilinx Sales or FAE team to get access to the ETRNIC IP  in Vivado 2018.3.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Support for End-point RDMA functionality
    • RoCE v2
    • Packet retransmission on errors
  • 100Gb data path
  • Support for hardware based reliable connection
  • Hardware handshake on user interface
  • Supports incoming RDMA send and does not support for atomic operations
  • Supports outgoing RDMA send/RDMA, read/RDMA write and does not support incoming RDMA read and RDMA write
  • Designed to scale up to 127 RDMA Queue pairs
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 packets

Resource Utilization


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