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Floating Point Operator Offerings and Software Requirements

SOFTWARE Requirements Table

LogiCORE™ Version AXI4 Support Software Support Supported Device Families
Floating Point Operator
v7.1 AXI-Stream Vivado® 2020.2 Kintex®-7 UltraScale+™
Virtex®-7 UltraScale+
Zynq®-7000 UltraScale+
Kintex® UltraScale™
Virtex® UltraScale
Kintex-7 / -2L
Virtex-7 / -2L / XT
Versal™ ACAP
Floating Point Operator v6.1 AXI-Stream ISE® 14.2 Zynq-7000
Kintex-7 / -2L
Virtex-7 / -2L / XT
Virtex-6 CXT / HXT / SXT / LXT/ -1L
Spartan®-6 LX / LXT
Floating Point Operator v5.0 Legacy ISE 14.2 Kintex-7 / -2L
Virtex-7 / -2L
Virtex-6 CXT / HXT / SXT / LXT/ -1L
Virtex-5 TXT / SXT / LXT / FXT
Virtex-4 SX / LX / FX
Spartan-6 LX / LXT
Spartan-3A / 3A DSP
Spartan-3 /3E

Download the required software from the Xilinx.com Downloads page. For information on New Features, Known Issues, and Patches please refer to the Licensing Solution Center.