Multi-Port Memory Controller (DDR/DDR2/SDRAM)


Product Description

MPMC is a fully parameterizable memory controller that supports SDRAM/DDR/DDR2 memory. MPMC provides access to memory for one to eight ports, where each port can be chosen from a set of Personality Interface Modules (PIMs) that permit connectivity into PowerPC® 405 processor and MicroBlaze™ processors using CoreConnect® PLBv4.6 and the MPMC Native Port Interface (NPI) structures, and well as a a Memory Interface Block (MIB) PIM (PPC440MC) for the PowerPC 440 Processor.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Soft Direct Memory Access (SDMA) support
  • Double Data Rate (DDR/DDR2) and Single Data
  • Rate (SDR) SDRAM memory support
  • DIMM support (registered and unbuffered)
  • Error Correcting Code (ECC) support
  • Parameterizable number of ports (1 to 8)


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