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The NVMe-Over-Farbrics Reference Design is available to a limited audience. Please contact your Xilinx FAE or Sales Representative for more information.

Product Description

The NVMe-Over-Fabrics (NVMeOF) reference design is implemented on the Alveo U50 Data Center accelerator card and BittWare 250-SoC accelerator card. It supports up to 24 NVMe SSDs, on a platform that provides the flexibility to define custom acceleration functions. The design offloads both the NVMeOF and  the ROCEv2 RDMA protocols, thus eliminating the need for both the external CPU and the external NIC. This highly integrated platform accelerates performance, while reducing the cost and the power required to architect a storage array controller.

To gain access to the full reference design or bitfile, please first contact your Xilinx FAE or Sales representative.


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