Platform Flash

The competitively priced Platform Flash configuration memory devices reduce the amount of board space required for configuration. They enable a system-level drop-in solution that maximizes the flexibility of Virtex and Spartan FPGA-based systems and helps to significantly reduce design efforts and accelerate time to market.

Platform Flash Benefits

  • Smallest area per megabit
    • Reduces configuration board space with the VO20 and the FS48 packages
  • One configuration memory family from 1-Mbit to 32-Mbit
    • Simplifies manufacturing flow and reduces inventory cost
  • Provides for storage of up to 50% more bits, allowing the use of a smaller density, lower cost configuration memory
  • Simplifies manufacturing flow and board test
    • Enables easy field upgrades
  • SelectMAP mode (PDF) decreases FPGA configuration time by bursting out bitstreams in 8-bit increments
  • Increases effective configuration memory density in high density-range of devices

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