Defense-grade Spartan 6Q FPGA Family

Spartan™ 6Q defense-grade FPGAs support the high security requirements of Information Assurance and Anti-tamper in Aerospace and Defense (A&D) applications. As the third generation of secure defense-grade reprogrammable devices, the family is an ideal platform for MILCOM and other applications where security, low-power and low-costs are paramount.

Defense-grade Spartan 6Q FPGA Family Benefits

  • 3rd generation Information Assurance (Single Chip Cryptography Type-1)
  • 3rd generation Anti-tamper (DoD 5000 Series)
  • Smaller size and lower weight with small form factor (SFF) packaging, single-chip crypto and integrated external components
  • 65% lower power overall compared to Spartan 3A FPGAs  (equivalent temperature range) with suspend and hibernate modes
  • Lowest overall cost defense-grade FPGA with DDR3 support
  • Heritage of 20+ continuous years in A&D
  • Industry participation in working groups and consortia
  • Support for evolving and de-facto standards
  • True, full range tested (vs. ‘characterized’) I and Q temperatures
  • Long term product support
  • Mask set control

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