Defense-grade Virtex 4Q FPGA Family

The Virtex™ 4Q family offers the highest performance and capacity FPGAs in industrial to military-temperature grade.

Defense-grade Virtex 4Q FPGA Family Benefits

  • Military temperature tested products off-the-shelf
  • Fully qualified and tested for military temperature range operation
  • Single ship crypto for red/black separation
  • 400Mhz XtremeDSP Slice, 400Mhz digital clock
  • Management, dual 350Mhz PowerPC® 405 Cores, 800Mps
  • SelectIO technology
  • Ruggedized packaging available
  • Long term support

Platforms and Solutions

Virtex 4Q FPGA Comparison Table

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Key Documents

Name File Size Modified Date
Virtex 4Q FPGA Data Sheet: DC and Switching Characteristics 914 KB 12/21/2011