Defense-grade Virtex 4Q LX FPGAs

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Virtex 4Q Product Table

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Optimized for high-performance logic, Virtex™ 4 LX FPGAs are a pin-compatible member of the world’s first 90nm family fabricated in 1.2v, triple-oxide process technology.

Defense-grade Virtex 4Q LX FPGAs Benefits

  • Up to 200,000 logic cells
  • Compact utilization for reduced device cost
  • Configurable as logic, RAM, or shift registers
  • 500 MHz Smart RAM Hierarchy
  • Configure multi-rate FIFO from block RAM without consuming logic resources
  • Block RAM with built-in Error Checking and Correction (ECC) for high-reliability systems
  • Integrated source-synchronous support for easy interfaces to external memory
  • New ChipSync™ source-synchronous technology simplifies board design
    • ChipSync automatically manages lower internal FPGA frequencies
    • Eliminates setup and hold time issues
    • Clock-aware I/Os
  • Supports a wide variety of I/O standards
  • 600 Mbps single-ended I/O
  • Digitally controlled impedance with XCITE technology for reduced component count and board size

Virtex-4Q FPGA Features

Features LX SX
Programmable logic resources 13,824 - 200,448 23,040 - 55,296
500MHz clock resources
500MHz Block RAM 864 - 6,048 2,304 - 5,760
1 + Gbps SelectIO™ technology 320 - 960 320 - 640
6.5 Gbps RocketIO™ transceivers
10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC - -
PowerPC® 32-bit RISC processor - -
500MHz DSP Slices
Secure Chip AES design security

Applications and Technologies

Possible applications include

Key Documents

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Virtex 4Q FPGA Data Sheet: DC and Switching Characteristics 914 KB 12/21/2011