Defense-grade Virtex 4Q SX FPGAs

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Virtex 4Q Product Table

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Optimized for ultra-high performance signal processing, Virtex™ 4 SX FPGAs are a pin-compatible member of the world’s first 90nm family fabricated in 1.2v, triple-oxide process technology.

Defense-grade Virtex 4Q SX FPGAs Benefits

  • Minimize clock jitter, skew, and duty cycle distortion
  • Easy to place and route large designs with abundant, fully flexible clock resources that eliminate constraints encountered in previous generation FPGAs
  • Easy to build source-synchronous interfaces with built-in circuitry for aligning clock and data signals at physical interfaces with ChipSync™ technology
  • Offers the most cost-effective implementation of ultra-high performance DSP functionality, with the highest ratio of XtremeDSP slices
    • Up to 512 slices delivering up to 256 GMACS performance
  • The 500 MHz XtremeDSP slice delivers unmatched versatility, efficiency, and performance
  • Configure each XtremeDSP slice for over 40 DSP functions, such as multiply-accumulate, multiply, addition, and multiplexing
  • Reduce DSP power consumption by 86% (57μW/MHz) and save precious logic resources for other tasks
  • Cascade multiple XtremeDSP slices at full system speed to build complex filters and multi-precision functions
  • Software-based bitstream encryption and on-chip bitstream decryption logic with dedicated memory for storing the 256-bit encryption key
  • Generate the encryption key and encrypted bitstream using ISE™ software
  • Virtex 4 FPGAs store the encryption key internally in dedicated RAM, backed up by a small externally connected battery (typical life 20+ years).

Virtex 4Q FPGA Features

Features LX SX
Programmable logic resources 13,824 - 200,448 23,040 - 55,296
500MHz clock resources
500MHz Block RAM 864 - 6,048 2,304 - 5,760
1 + Gbps SelectIO™ technology 320 - 960 320 - 640
6.5 Gbps RocketIO™ transceivers
10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC - -
PowerPC® 32-bit RISC processor - -
500MHz DSP Slices
Secure Chip AES design security

Applications and Technologies

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Virtex 4Q FPGA Data Sheet: DC and Switching Characteristics 914 KB 12/21/2011