Space-grade Virtex 4QV FPGA Family

The Virtex™ 4QV family of radiation tolerant FPGAs delivers exceptional levels of integration and performance offering a compelling alternative to ASIC and other one-time programmable technologies.

Space-grade Virtex 4QV FPGA Benefits

  • 400Mhz XtremeDSP™ Slice, 400Mhz Digital Clock
  • Management, Dual 350Mhz PowerPC® 405 Cores, 800Mps
  • Select I/O
  • Over 200k logic cells for large complex designs
  • LX - High-performance logic
  • SX - Ultra-high performance signal process and DSP optimized
  • FX - Embedded / Ethernet MACs
  • Achieving high performance and integration without incurring the costs, risk, and long development times of ASICs
  • Ability to implement hardware changes late in the design cycle
  • Ensures reliable operation in high radiation environments

Platforms and Solutions

Virtex 4QV FPGA Comparison Table

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