Space-grade Virtex 5QV FPGA

The Virtex™ 5QV FPGA is the industry's first high performance rad-hard reconfigurable FPGA for processing-intensive space systems. Available off-the-shelf, the device offers the highest density, performance and integration capabilities enabling more complex and capable systems over rad-hard ASIC devices with their high development costs and long lead times, or traditional one-time programmable (OTP) solutions.

Space-grade Virtex 5QV FPGA Benefits

  • Up to 450Mhz ultra-high performance DSP technology with flexible embedded processing
  • Up to 130,000 logic cells
  • 836 user I/Os programmable for easy integration
  • Integrated SERDES solution with 18 channels of 3GHz multi-gigabit serial transceivers
  • SelectIO technology
  • 10.7Mb of powerful 36Kbit block RAM/FIFOs
  • Second generation 25x18 DSP slices
  • PCI Express -compliant integrated Endpoint blocks
SEU Latch-up Immunity (LETTH)
Configuration Cell Upset Rate (GEO)
Functional Interrupt Rate (GEO)
Total Ionizing Dose
Dose Rate Upset
Dose Rate Latch-up
> 100 Mev-cm2/mg
< 3.8 x 10-10 Upsets/Bit-Day
< 10-10 Upsets/Bit-Day
> 1 Mrad(Si)
> 109 Rad(Si)/s
> 1010 Rad(Si)/s
  • No NREs for mask sets
  • No design/manufacturing cycle time
  • Pin compatible to commercial Virtex-5 FX130T FPGA
  • ML510 commercial prototyping board available
  • Daisy Chain part available (XQDAISY-CF1752)
  • Xilinx V-grade flow (ADQ-0007)
  • Ruggedized ceramic column grid array packaging

Virtex 5QV FPGA Features

Features Virtex 5QV

What applications is this good for?

Possible applications include

  • Sensor processing, reconfigurable computing platform and modems and communication

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