XA Spartan 3A DSP FPGA Family

Optimized for DSP applications for highest system integration, Spartan™ 3A DSP FPGAs are ideal for cost sensitive DSP algorithmic and co-processing applications requiring significant DSP performance.

XA Spartan 3A DSP FPGA Family Benefits

  • Industry’s most comprehensive IP library
  • Leading embedded and DSP solutions
  • Efficient, cost-effective board designs
  • Allows use of fewer components
  • Increased system reliability by eliminating external component
  • Fill the DSP performance gap between traditional DSP processors and high-end ASIC and Virtex™ type solutions
  • Cost-optimized DSP architecture delivers superior results in performance and power consumption
  • Enables new applications in more cost-sensitive applications such as customer-premises wireless access, portable ultrasound, digital displays, surveillance, video processing
  • Over 350 billion multiply-accumulate operations per second (GMACS)
  • Extended temperature range with XA FPGAs available in Automotive I grade (Tj = -40°C to +100°C) and Automotive Q grade (Tj = -40°C to +125°C)
  • Pb free packaging to meet the RoHS directive

XA Spartan 3 FPGA Features

Features XA Spartan 3E XA Spartan 3A XA Spartan 3A DSP
Dual power management modes
Device DNA security
DSP48A Slice
Embedded processing
Multi level memory architecture
Leading connectivity platform
Configurable logic blocks (CLB)
Precise clock management resources
Comprehensive configuration capabilities

Key Documents

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XA Spartan 3A DSP Automotive FPGA Family Data Sheet 1.81 MB 04/18/2011
Automotive Brochure