Automotive-grade XA Spartan 3E FPGA Family

The XA Spartan™ 3E FPGA is the world’s lowest cost logic optimized full feature platform of five devices with system gates ranging from 100K to 1.6M gates, and I/Os ranging from 66 to 376 I/Os, with density migration.

XA Spartan 3E FPGA Family Benefits

  • Large selection of device/package options
  • Industry’s most comprehensive IP library
  • Leading embedded and DSP solutions
  • Efficient, cost-effective board designs
  • Allows use of fewer components
  • Increased system reliability by eliminating external components
  • Unique Device DNA serial number (57-bits) helps prevent design cloning, unauthorized overbuilding and reverse engineering
  • Secure mechanism to deliver IP
  • Customizable algorithms for security as well as responses to failures
  • Extended temperature range with XA FPGAs available in Automotive I grade (Tj = -40°C to +100°C) and Automotive Q grade (Tj = -40°C to +125°C)
  • Pb free packaging to meet the RoHS directive

XA Spartan 3 FPGA Features

Features XA Spartan 3E XA Spartan 3A XA Spartan 3A DSP
Dual power management modes
Device DNA security
DSP48A Slice
Embedded processing
Multi level memory architecture
Leading connectivity platform
Configurable logic blocks (CLB)
Precise clock management resources
Comprehensive configuration capabilities

What applications is this good for?

Possible applications include:

Key Documents

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XA Spartan 3E Automotive FPGA Family Data Sheet 718 KB 09/09/2009
Automotive Brochure

XA Spartan 3E Product Table

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