Automotive-grade XA Spartan 6 LX FPGAs

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XA Spartan 6 Product Table

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XA Spartan™ 6 LX FPGAs are optimized for automotive applications that require low cost supporting up to 100K logic cell density, 4.8Mb memory, integrated memory controllers, DSP slices, ease-of-use and high-performance system IP with an innovative open standards-based configuration.

XA Spartan 6 LX FPGAs Benefits

  • Expanded temperature range with Automotive I grade (Tj = -40°C to +100°C) and Automotive Q grade (Tj = -40°C to +125°C) qualification
  • RoHS-compliant Pb-free packaging
  • Abundant logic resources with increased logic capacity
    • 3.8K to 100K logic cells
  • Integrated memory controller block that lowers cost
    • Approximately 3,500 logic cells per controller over soft solutions
  • Simplified configuration supporting low-cost 3rd party standards
  • Embedded DSP blocks for high-performance parallel processing
  • High speed I/O enabling fast serial data transfer from camera sensors around the vehicle

XA Spartan 6 FPGA Features

Features LX   LXT
45nm low power process technology with 6-input LUTs
1080MHz clock management tiles (2 DCM + 1 PLL) 2 - 6 2 - 6
320MHz Block RAM (Kbits) 216 - 4824 936 - 3096
Memory interface controllers blocks 0 - 2 2
1.08Gbps SelectIO™ technology
390MHz DSP48A1 slices 8 - 180 38 - 132
3.2Gbps GTP transceivers - 2 - 8
PCI Express Endpoint blocks - 1
Embedded processing
Low power management modes
Enhanced configuration and bitstream protection

What applications is this good for?

Possible applications include

  • Next generation Driver Assistance systems requiring real-time image processing.

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