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Adaptive System-on-Modules

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System-on-Modules (SOMs) are small embedded boards about the size of a credit card that include an SoC (such as a microprocessor, GPU, or FPGA), memory, power management, and other supporting circuitry.  SOMs abstract the hardware so developers can accelerate a streamlined design process at the board level instead of the chip level. 

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A portfolio of SOMs designed for edge deployment, the Kria™ SOM lineup, featuring starter kits and production SOMs, simplifies system development and helps you get your product to market faster.

Kria K26 System-on-Module Board

Preferred SOM Partners

Robust Ecosystem of SoC and FPGA based System-on-Modules

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AMD-preferred SOM partners augment Kria SOMs by offering a broad portfolio of boards for any need. Whether your design requires additional I/O, FPGA fabric, unique interfaces, or any sort of customization, these partners can help.

Powering Electric Drive Control & Efficiency with Adaptive Computing
Powering Electric Drive Control & Efficiency with Adaptive Computing

Kria™ adaptive System-on-Module (SOM) devices from AMD play an important role in electric drive control. They can optimize performance, help a motor run more efficiently, reduce power consumption, mitigate noise, cut vibration, and detect potential failures before they happen. Download our new motor control eBook to learn more!

Accelerate Your AI-Enabled Edge Solution with Adaptive Computing
Accelerate Your AI-Enabled Edge Solution with Adaptive Computing

Learn all about adaptive SOMs, including examples of why and how they can be deployed in next-generation edge applications, and how smart vision providers benefit from the performance, flexibility, and rapid development that can only be achieved by an adaptive SOM.

Adaptive Computing in Robotics
Adaptive Computing in Robotics

Demand for robotics is accelerating rapidly. Building a robot that is designed to be safe and secure and can operate alongside humans is difficult enough. But getting these technologies working together can be even more challenging. Complicating matters is the addition of machine learning and artificial intelligence, which is making it more difficult to keep up with computational demands.

Roboticists are turning toward adaptive computing platforms, which offer lower latency and deterministic, multi-axis control with built-in safety and security features on an integrated, adaptable platform that is expandable for the future. Read the eBook to learn more.


Kria K26 System-on-Module Board

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