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New Kria™ K24 SOM

Simplify DSP Development with a Scalable, Power-Efficient SOM

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Realizing the Power-Efficient Future with the New, Scalable Kria K24 SOM

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Power-efficient Compute

  • Develop power-efficient and highly deterministic industrial solutions for volume deployment
  • 2X latency advantage vs. a standard system on chip like Texas Instruments AM64xx and similar products for single-axis drives applications1

Scalable & Adaptable

  • Smaller form factor and connector compatible with the Kria K26 SOM— enabling migration
  • Future ready for HW and SW changes, offering adaptability for various sensors or interfaces as standards evolve

Easy Signal Processing

  • Pre-built HW acceleration with Vitis™ motor control libraries
  • Out-of-the-box ready with KD240 Drives Starter Kits and Kria App Store, and support for more development flows, including Python and the MATLAB® Simulink® environment


Go to Market Fast with Power-Saving Systems

Go to Market Fast with Power-Saving Systems

Learn how AMD Kria™ K24 SOMs enable embedded system architects to build reliable, compute- and power-efficient edge solutions, deploy flexible and scalable adaptive systems, and move seamlessly to volume deployment.


Powering Electric Drive Control & Efficiency with Adaptive Computing

Kria™ adaptive System-on-Module (SOM) devices from AMD play an important role in electric drive control. They can optimize performance, help a motor run more efficiently, reduce power consumption, mitigate noise, cut vibration, and detect potential failures before they happen. Download our new motor control eBook to learn more! 

Powering Electric Drive Control & Efficiency with Adaptive Computing



KD240 Drives Starter Kit

Available Now

The KD240 Drives Starter Kit is an out-of-the-box ready development platform for motor control and DSP applications. Embedded SW developers without FPGA expertise can easily get started by running accelerated applications and leverage multiple development flows, including Python, the MATLAB® Simulink® environment, and more.

Ready to scale your edge design?

Kria K24 System-on-Modules are ready for production deployment.

The newest addition to the Kria™ SOM portfolio, the Kria K24 SOM features a cost-optimized, custom-built Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoC device. About half the size of a credit card, the K24 SOM targets customers seeking the right power, cost, and performance for DSP-based applications such as industrial motor control, medical equipment, sensor fusion, multi-axis robots for factory automation, and more.


Pre-Built Hardware and Software Platform


Autonomous Industrial Robotics


Electrical Vehicles & Chargers


Handheld Medical Devices


Medical Equipment


Power Generation Systems


Public Transportation

Accelerated applications enable developers to program and differentiate their designs at the software level, without requiring FPGA programming experience. Paired with the KD240 Drives Starter Kit, production-ready accelerated applications can be up and running in under 1 hour, allowing developers to focus on differentiation and shortening the runway to volume deployment. Common industrial applications are available today, with more on the way from AMD and a growing ecosystem of partners. Check out the Kria App Store to learn more.

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  1. Based on AMD internal analysis in August 2023, using the latency results reported by TI for a full control loop implementation on a Texas Instruments AM64xx standard SOC using a Texas Instruments benchmark vs. the latency results of a full control loop implementation using a Field Oriented Control algorithm designed by Qdesys. System configuration for the TI AM64xx SOC system: TMDS64EVM board; configuration for the Kria K24 SOM system: KD240 starter kit. The latency advantage improves up to 7x as the number of motor axes increases. Actual results will vary. (SOM-003)