Step 5. Next Steps and Additional Resources (Ubuntu)

You have successfully completed the Ubuntu flow.

For more information on developing with Ubuntu, refer to the Ubuntu wiki pages:

To continue developing with Kria™, the following resources are recommended:

  • For the latest SOM Vivado™ board files, go to XHub
  • Refer to the AMD Kria SOM Forum for help with troubleshooting, asking questions, or finding answers to known issues.
  • To learn more, enroll for the Free Training and develop a more in-depth understanding of the developer workflow for Kria.   
  • For firmware and PetaLinux BSPs, visit the SOM Wiki page

Linux OS Options

There are several Linux OS options available for Getting Started with the KV260.

Ubuntu 20.04 + Ubuntu AI Demos

  • Enable a desktop-like experience without the need of connecting to a laptop/PC. 
  • Access to a rich set of third-party software libraries in the Ubuntu community.
  • Run the NLP-SmartVision (more accelerated apps from the Kria App Store will be made compatible over time) demo to evaluate KV260 running an Ubuntu application.

PetaLinux 2021.1 + Accelerated Applications

  • Obtain everything necessary to customize, build, and deploy Embedded Linux solutions on AMD processing systems.
  • Offers baseline for full customization via Yocto layers and corresponding PetaLinux Starter Kit BSP.
  • Aligned with the PetaLinux production SOM enablement in the K26 SOM BSP.
  • Run all the accelerated applications available in the Kria App Store (current instructions are specific to PetaLinux based apps) to evaluate KV260 running a PetaLinux application.