Step 5. Next Steps and Additional Resources (PetaLinux)

You have successfully completed the PetaLinux flow. You can also try it with Ubuntu flow.

To continue developing with Kria, the following resources are recommended:

  • Customizing the accelerated applications, visit the SOM Vitis™ library
  • For firmware and PetaLinux BSPs, visit the SOM Wiki page
  • For the latest SOM Vivado™ board files, go to XHub
  • Refer to the AMD Kria SOM Forum for help with troubleshooting, ask questions, or find answers to known issues. Also find a list of KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit compatible accessories.
  • To learn more, enroll for the Free Training and develop more in-depth understanding. Earn a Certificate from AMD after successfully completing the training and share your new achievement on social media!