JESD204 High Speed Interface

The JESD204B interface standard supports the high bandwidth necessary to keep pace with today’s leading high performance, high speed and multi-channel applications, while greatly reducing the number of digital IOs needed and thus easing board layout. Very high-speed ADCs that would have previously required a complex interface design using a large number of FPGA IO are now implemented with just a few pins.  The total bandwidth of the JESD204B interface can also be separated into multiple channels based on the requirements of the application again without requiring additional pins.

JESD204B Benefits

Application Key Benefit
Supports high bandwidth with fewer pins to simplify layout
SDR Support flexibility to dynamically adjust channel configurations
Medical Imaging Supports high # of channels with fewer pins to simplify layout
Radar Supports high bandwidth with fewer pins to simplify layout

Key Documentation

Name File Size Modified Date
JESD204 v6.1 LogiCORE Guide 2 MB 04/01/2015
JESD204 PHY v2.0 Product Guide 1 MB 04/01/2015
ADI JESD204B Survival Guide 6 MB 04/01/2015