AR# 10033


3.1i Foundation ISE - ECS Bus pins on Core symbols do not appear as such; pin mismatch warnings result.


Keywords: foundation, ise, schematic, ECS, core, symbol, bus, pin, mismatch

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Upon placing a symbol that represents a COREGen module in an ECS schematic,
I notice that a bus pin does not appear as such. For example, an output pin that
should be labeled 'Q(3:0)' is labeled 'Q'. When running a consistency check, this
misbehavior results in a "signal count mismatch" warning.


This problem has been fixed with the combination of:

Service Pack 2 (or greater) for 3.1i:


IP Update #1 (or greater) for 3.1i:

Please install the service pack first, followed by the IP update. Finally,
regenerate any cores that previously suffered from this problem.
AR# 10033
Date 01/15/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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