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AR# 10036

6.1i Foundation ISE/WebPACK- How do I implement an external netlist in Foundation ISE?


Keywords: 5.1i, 5.2i, 5.1i, 4.1i, 3.1i, Design Manager, Project Navigator

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I run an external netlist through Project Navigator?


NOTE: Projects created in Design Manager are not compatible with Foundation ISE Project Navigator.

1. When creating a new project, for top-level module type, select 'EDIF'.

1. Right-click the device name in the Sources window and select "Properties".
2. For the Design Flow, select "EDIF".
3. Add your design source file as you normally would, using "Project -> Add Source".

3.1i Foundation ISE
1. Go to your Xilinx install directory, and then to the "bin/nt" directory.
2. Create a shortcut to the "dsgmgr.exe" executable.
3. Use the shortcut to open the Design Manager stand-alone GUI.

3.1i WebPACK
1. Right-click the device name in the Sources window and select "Properties".
2. For the Synthesis tool, select "External Netlist".
3. Right-click "Implement Design" in the Processes window and select "Properties".
4. In the "External Netlist File" option under the Design tab, enter the file name of your top-level netlist.
AR# 10036
Date 11/12/2006
Status Archive
Type General Article
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