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AR# 10063

4.1i Virtex MAP - Fatal Error: "Ncd:basnccomp.c:3445:1.14 - Cannot find other bel for unconnected pin on bel BEL_I1/I3/I5/i_dt0"


Keyword: MAP, ILA, core, fatal, error, basnccomp.c, bel

Urgency: Standard.

General Description:
MAP fails with the error:

FATAL_ERROR:Ncd:basnccomp.c:3445:1.14 - Cannot find other bel for unconnected
pin on bel BEL_I1/I3/I5/i_dt0/1/trigger/match_mode_3.WSGEN:CK of comp
I1/I3/I5/i_dt0/1/trigger/match_mode_3. Its current programmed state is :
YUSED:0 G:#RAM:D=0x0000 RAMCONFIG:1SHIFT SRMUX:1 GYMUX:G Process will terminate.


This problem occurs because MAP doesn't detect RAMs with the CLK connection missing, which causes this error.

In a future release, this error message in MAP will give more useful information.
AR# 10063
Date 08/20/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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