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OrCAD - Does Xilinx provide device or package symbols for OrCAD layout tools?


Does Xilinx provide device or package symbols for OrCAD layout tools?


OrCAD can import ".pin" files that are similar to the Xilinx ASCII pin-out files.

You can modify the ASCII pin-out files to conform to the format that OrCAD expects using minor modifications.

Use the following OrCAD solution record to correctly format the ".pin" files:

Xilinx does not officially provide or support package symbols for OrCAD PCB layout.

However, you can use the following Perl script to automatically convert ".pkg" files from PARTGen or Virtex ASCII pin-out files to the ".pin" format:

The command line for this script to display the options for Linux and Unix is as follows:

./pin2orcad -h

Under Windows 2000 and Windows XP, it is typically necessary to run this through XilPerl.
The command line for this is as follows:

 xilperl pin2orcad -h

Use PARTGen with the -v command line option to create the ".pkg" files used with the Perl script.

For information on generating ".pkg" files using PARTGen, see the Development System Reference Guide in the Software Manuals at:

For information on where to find ASCII pin-out files for Virtex devices, see (Xilinx Answer 20578)

Note: This script is not officially supported by Xilinx, but is provided as a convenience for our customers using OrCAD.

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