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3.1i SP3 - 3.1i Service Pack 3 update


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General Description:
Contained within this Answer is complete list of all changes included in the
M3.2i Service Pack 3 Update.

This is the third service pack since the release of 3.1i. This service pack also
contains some quarterly updates and for this reason may also be referred to
as version 3.2i.


The Service Pack Update Page is located at:

The following issues are addressed by the 3.1i Service Pack 3 Update:


(Xilinx Answer #9672): 3.1i Service Pack Install - Canceling the
Service Pack Install gives message - Install Completed Successfully


(Xilinx Answer #9536): 3.1i Virtex-E Map - Crash after "Running
Directed Packing..." due to incorrect MUXF5 trimming.

(Xilinx Answer #9573): 3.1i NGDBuild - Fatal-Error:Utilities:utilblist.c:234:1.4


(Xilinx Answer #9536): 3.1i Virtex-E Map - Crash after "Running
Directed Packing..." due to incorrect MUXF5 trimming.

(Xilinx Answer #9534): 3.1i Virtex-E Map - FATAL_ERROR:
Pack:pksvrsliceusg.c:508: Never found the LUT address

(Xilinx Answer #9723): 3.1i Virtex Map - RPM macro's carry chain
alignment disrupted by map trimming.

(Xilinx Answer #9053): 3.1i Virtex Map - Problems with
implementation and back annotation of FDCP with INIT=R.

(Xilinx Answer #9591): 3.1i Virtex Map - Core dump (bus error)
during modular design assembly phase.

(Xilinx Answer #9344): 3.1i Virtex Map - Some eligible registers
are not being packed into IOBs.

(Xilinx Answer #9077): 3.1i Virtex Map - ERROR:DesignRules:368 -
Netcheck: Sourceless. Net $3I2/..... has no source.

(Xilinx Answer #10027): 3.1i Virtex Map - ERROR:Pack:679 - Unable
to obey design constraints ...

(Xilinx Answer #10028): 3.1i Virtex Map - ERROR:Pack:679 - Unable
to obey design constraints ...


(Xilinx Answer #9732): 3.1i Virtex PAR - Problem with data file
causes v300cb228 design to get internal error.

(Xilinx Answer #9729): 3.1i Virtex PAR - Router crash during
PWR/GND routing.

(Xilinx Answer #9519): 3.1i Virtex-E PAR -
INTERNAL_ERROR:Place:baspltaskmincut.c:453:1.12 - Matcher did not
find a solution.

(Xilinx Answer #9589): 3.1i Virtex PAR - Guided PAR fails with
ERROR:Portability:3 - This Xilinx application has run out of memory.

(Xilinx Answer #9588): 3.1i Virtex PAR - Range constraint expansion
in Modular Design uses too much memory.

(Xilinx Answer #9359): 3.1i Virtex PAR- Illegal pin swaps may occur
on address pins of SRL16E.

(Xilinx Answer #9587): 3.1i XC4000XLA PAR - Pad report does not
report all the Vcc pins for XC044XLA-HQ304.

(Xilinx Answer #9345): 3.1i Virtex PAR - Placer crashes on designs
with RPM macros containing Block RAM.

(Xilinx Answer #9250): 3.1i Virtex-E PAR - PAR runs out of memory
on a design with offset in constraints.

(Xilinx Answer #8937): 3.1i Virtex PAR - PAR hangs during PWR/GND

(Xilinx Answer #9372): 3.1i XC5200 PAR - MPPR PAR runs crash on 2nd
pass for 5200 designs.

(Xilinx Answer #9725): 3.1i Virtex-E PAR - PAR takes a long time
during the "Generate PAR statistics" phase.

(Xilinx Answer #9484): 3.1i PAR - Guided PAR fails with error :
Place:489 The clock group consisting of the following components ...

(Xilinx Answer #10049): 3.1i Virtex-E PAR - The router doesn't
always use a long line when one is available.


(Xilinx Answer #3513): 3.1i Timing Analyzer - GDI resources taken
up when scrolling on a report.

(Xilinx Answer #9297): 3.1i Timing - Multi-Cycle (FROM:TO) path
constraint is getting picked up by PERIOD constraint.


(Xilinx Answer #9630): 3.1i Hardware Debugger - Internal DCE
Threads problem while running on HP platform.


(Xilinx Answer #9705): 3.1i BitGen - BitGen will create a debug
bitstream with the option DebugBitstream:No.

(Xilinx Answer #9707): 3.1i BitGen - Feedback 2x memory cell is not
set correctly when using DLLIOB for feedback.

(Xilinx Answer #9706): 3.1i BitGen - LVPECL inputs on top edge of
Virtex-E devices are not configured properly.

(Xilinx Answer #9431): 3.1i BitGen - ERROR: 145 - Pin ... is a
persistent pin, but a component ..."

(Xilinx Answer #9429): 3.1i Virtex-E BitGen - Greater than a 0.3 ns
difference seen between the input clock of a DLL and the feedback


(Xilinx Answer #9606): 3.1i Design Manager - Post Layout Timing
Report should not be automatically generated after executing MPPR.


(Xilinx Answer #9790): 3.1i JTAG Programmer - HP-UX crashes or does
not connect with the XChecker cable

(Xilinx Answer #9646): 3.1i JTAG Programmer - When write protect is
selected, the checksum will mismatch.

(Xilinx Answer #9791): 3.1i Virtex JTAG Programmer - SVF status
check on DONE pin fails.

(Xilinx Answer #9647): 3.1i JTAG Programmer - Dr. Watson error
while trying to generate svf program device.

(Xilinx Answer #9645): 3.1i XC1800 JTAG Programmer - XC1804 remains
in ISP mode after operation has finished.

(Xilinx Answer #9644): 3.1i XC9500 JTAG Programmer - On programming
failure, Xilinx software does not erase the CPLD.

(Xilinx Answer #8224): 3.1i XC18V00 JTAG Programmer - JTAG
Programmer 3.1i does not support XC18V00 SVF generation.

(Xilinx Answer #10018): 3.1i XC1800 JTAG Programmer - PROM verify
voltage margin raised.


(Xilinx Answer #9731): 3.1i CPLD TAEngine - 95288xl-7 speed grade
displays -10 timing values.

(Xilinx Answer #9004): 3.1i CPLD 9500XV Hitop - Only LVTTL
bi-directional signals allowed.

(Xilinx Answer #4100): 3.1i XC9500 Family Hitop - PROHIBIT property
does not exclude pins from "Programmable Ground Pins" option.

(Xilinx Answer #9658): 3.1i CPLD TAEngine - Fails to expand
wildcards [*] when processing timing constraints.

(Xilinx Answer #9824): 3.1i CPLD HPrep6 - When will JEDEC support
be enabled for the XC9500XV Family?


(Xilinx Answer #9171): 3.1i Floorplanner - Constraints are not
being implemented correctly.

(Xilinx Answer #6240): 3.1i Floorplanner - Write AG constraints in
UCF to *not* include lower-level instances.

(Xilinx Answer #8136): 3.1i Virtex-E Floorplanner - Secondary DLL
does not appear in the Floorplanner.

(Xilinx Answer #2740): 3.1i Floorplanner - Pin constraints in ucf
file show up incorrectly in the floorplanner.

(Xilinx Answer #9033): 3.1i Floorplanner - Error Portability 3:
application has run out of memory or Segmentation Fault.

(Xilinx Answer #10014): 3.1i Floorplanner - Crashes/Core Dumps when
loading design


(Xilinx Answer #8777): 3.1i Multilinx Cable - Issues with Win98 SE,
Win2000 and USB.


(Xilinx Answer #9357): 3.1i Virtex FPGA Editor - Adding a pin to
GLOBAL_LOGIC signal leads to crash.

(Xilinx Answer #8697): 3.1i FPGA Editor - Trace Summary selects the
wrong constraint.

(Xilinx Answer #10015): 3.1i FPGA Editor - Crashes when saving NCD
after modifying design.


(Xilinx Answer #3149): 3.1i Package Files - Spartan XCS10 TQ144
does not have TMS pin bonded.

(Xilinx Answer #10030): 3.1i XC4000XL/XC4000XLA Package Files -
Missing pins result in incomplete .pad file from PAR.

(Xilinx Answer #10031): 3.1i XC4000XLA Package Files - The
XC4085XLA BG352 package has bad pinout.

(Xilinx Answer #10032): 3.1i Virtex Package Files - XV150 FG456
missing VCC pin J7 leading to incomplete .pad file.

(Xilinx Answer #10037): 3.1i Spartan-II Package Files - x2s15 TQ144
package missing N.C. pins leading to incomplete .pad file.

(Xilinx Answer #10050): 3.1i Spartan Package Files - Packages are
missing some no connect pins, affecting .pad report.

(Xilinx Answer #10051): 3.1i XC4000E Package Files - Several
package files are missing pins, affecting the .pad file.

(Xilinx Answer #10052): 3.1i Virtex Package Files - The Virtex
CB228 package files are missing pins, affecting the .pad report.


(Xilinx Answer #10054): 3.1i Virtex-E Speed Files - ERROR:Trace:12
- Invalid speed "min" specified on command line.

(Xilinx Answer #10055): 3.1i Spartan-II Speed Files - PRELIMINARY
-5 files are available for Spartan-II


(Xilinx Answer #9388): 3.1i Foundation ISE - Double Clicking on XCO
file from within Project Navigator fails.

(Xilinx Answer #9721): 3.1i Foundation ISE- MTI Error: Cannot open
macro file: top.vfd' - this file is not created.

(Xilinx Answer #9722): 3.1i Foundation ISE - 'Insert IO Pads' not
working with FPGA Express flow.


(Xilinx Answer #9708): 3.1i PROM File Formatter - Spartan-II PROMs
not selectable (17S50XL, 17S100XL, 17S150XL, 17S200XL)

(Xilinx Answer #10034): 3.1i PROM File Formatter - 18v00 parts
should be listed in PROM device list.

(Xilinx Answer #9569): 3.1i PROM File Formatter - 17S05XL is listed
with the wrong size.
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Date 08/19/2002
Status Archive
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