AR# 10144


3.1i Foundation ISE/ WebPACK - The "Create Programming File" step fails to produce a mask (.msk) file.


Keywords: BitGen, option, mask, msk, project, navigator, create, programming, readback, WebPACK

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In the Project Navigator GUI, I try to create a mask (.msk) file by right-clicking "Create Programming File" and selecting "Properties." However, this selection is not sent to BitGen, and a mask file is not produced.


The easiest way to work around this problem is to modify the bitgen.ut file. This file resides in the project directory, and BitGen examines it to determine with what options it should run.

Simply add "-m " to the end of the file, save it, then re-run BitGen by returning to the Project Navigator GUI and double-clicking "Create Programming File."

This issue has been fixed in the 4.1i software release.
AR# 10144
Date 08/15/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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