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3.1i Install - Xilinx 3.2.03i Setup Error : Your fileset.txt contains an invalid Registration ID


Keywords : 3.1i, V2, Install, 3.2.03i, Setup, fileset.txt, invalid,

Registration ID

Uregency : Standard

General Decription : During the installation of the V2 CD,

I receive the following error :

Xilinx 3.2.03i Setup

Error: Your fileset.txt contains an invalid Registration ID.

What can I do to fix this problem?


This typically happens because users installed the tools

in a different order. Typically, this order is:

Implementation Tools -> Documentation

Howver, if you install

Documentation -> Implementation Tools

There is a problem with the installer in that it will not correctly write

the Regisrtation ID into the fileset.txt (this is a log of install

options/ setting).

To correct this option, simply open up the fileset.txt with a

text editor. It is located inthe root of the XILINX directory.

Add the line


where xxxxxxxxxxxx = your 12 digit Registration ID.

Be sure to remove any spaces before or after the "=".

If after reboot the changes made above are not reflected

in the fileset.txt, then the text editor was prevented from saving

the file. Be sure to exit the install program and any other open

windows to be sure fileset.txt is not in use. You can also

browse to this file with Windows Explorer, right click on it, and

select "Properties". If it is listed as "read only", un-check that


If the Registration ID is already there and correct, check to see if there is 2.1i or

previous version information inside the file (at the top). If there is, delete all entries

except the 3.1i ones, and try the install again.

If the fileset.txt has no mention of the 2.1i tools, then it could be possible that your

XILINX environment variable is set incorrectly. Please verify it is set to a location

that does contain a fileset.txt that has a valid Registration ID in it.

AR# 10163
Date 04/13/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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