AR# 10176


ModelSim (MTI) - "Error: Cannot open library unisim at unisim." (VHDL, Verilog)


General Description:

When I try to compile Xilinx Libraries, the following error appears:

"Error: Cannot open library .... at ....."


This error will appear if the modelsim.ini file is read-only.

To avoid it, ensure that the modelsim.ini file has read/write permissions for the user.

This error will also appear if the simulation libraries are either not compiled or not mapped correctly.

To see if the libraries are compiled, go to Design -> Browse Libraries from the ModelSim pull-down menu. If the UniSim, SimPrim, LogiBLOX and XilinxCoreLib libraries are not compiled, they will need to be compiled before the primitives can be used in simulation. Detailed instructions on the library compilation flow for ModelSim are available in (Xilinx Answer 2561).

To see if the libraries are mapped correctly, go to Design -> Browse libraries from the ModelSim pull-down menu. Make sure the library mapping name displayed in the pop-up window matches the library name declared in the design.
AR# 10176
Date 05/07/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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