AR# 10198

8.1i NGDBuild - "ERROR:NgdBuild:28 - Top-level input design file "test.edn" cannot be found or created..."


Keywords: NGDBuild, top-level, found, created, 3.1i, 4.1i, 5.1i, 6.1i, 7.1i

During implementation, NGDBuild reports the following error:

"ERROR: NgdBuild:28 - Top-level input design file "test.edn" cannot be found or created. Please make sure the source file exists and is of a recognized netlist format (e.g., NGO, EDIF or NGC)."



Check for a valid netlist file in the project directory. If you are running your software on a UNIX workstation, make sure that the netlist file extension is not written in capital letters. The netlist file and UCF file extensions (i.e., .edf, .edn, .ucf) must be in lowercase letters.


Another way to avoid this problem is to run NGDBuild via the command line in the project directory. If the same error occurs at the command prompt, the problem might be due to a bad installation. To re-install, follow these steps:
1. Un-install the software.
2. Make a backup of all projects and your license file.
3. Delete the installation folder to ensure that no system files remain after you un-install the software.
4. Re-install the software, along with the latest service pack, which is available at:


For the 5.1i software, the word "Xilinx" may not exist in the path name.
AR# 10198
Date 05/04/2009
Status Archive
Type General Article