AR# 1027

Foundation Simulator: PRINT command described incorrectly in documentation


The documentation for the Foundation Logic Simulator
describes the syntax of the PRINT command as:

print filename

This syntax is incorrect.


The correct syntax is:

print > filename

Here is an example of using the PRINT command in a macro file
for a design containing a counter:

| Restart the simulation

| Set up a bus and signals to WATCH
vector countout countout[7:0]
watch clk countout0 countout1

| Set up the inputs to let the counter run
h ce
l clr
clock clk 0 1

| Every time the clk changes value, print the WATCH list
| into a file
break clk ? do (print > result.dat)

cycle 20
AR# 1027
Date 03/03/1999
Status Archive
Type General Article