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3.1i Foundation Install - FPGA Express: "Cannot initialize Automation - Synopsys initialization failed" error after installing a Service Pack


Keywords: automation, Synopsys, server, fpgaexp343.exe, FPGA Express

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General Description:
I just installed a 3.1i Service Pack (SP4 or later); when I run the tools, the following error appears in Project Manager:

"Cannot initialize Automation - Synopsys initialization failed"



Beginning with Service Pack 4, an FPGA Express update became available for the 3.1i tool. If this update is not installed with the service pack, FPGA Express will no longer work.

Therefore, the solution is to download the Express Update from the Service Pack web page. Re-install the service pack, making sure to check the "Express Update" box on the first page.

When the browse box is presented for the Express Update, simply browse to the location in which FPGA Express was saved, and select that file.


Ensure that the directory location of the two "service pack .exe" files does not contain any spaces. Spaces in the directory name prevent the service pack from installing correctly.


In addition, be sure to install the Aldec update along with the FPGA Express and Xilinx tools service packs. This error will occur if you do not install all three files included in Service Pack 6.

NOTE: If you have both Foundation Aldec and ISE installed, and your Service Pack installation does not allow you to check the Aldec check box, please see Resolution 5.


Windows 2000 and Service Pack 8

On some OS versions, Resolution 1 may not correct the problem.

To work around this problem, follow these steps:

1. Reboot your PC.
2. Re-install Service Pack 7 (all three files) following the directions in Resolution 1. (If you have already downloaded fpgaexp35.exe for Service Pack 8, it will work for SP7.)

Links to SP7 files:

3. Reboot your PC.
4. Re-install Service Pack 8 (all three files), again following the directions in Resolution 1.
5. Reboot your PC.


Dual Installation - Foundation Aldec and ISE

If ISE was installed after Foundation Aldec, installing any service pack after Service Pack 4 will cause this error. To avoid this problem, please follow these steps:

1. Download Service Pack 7 from the links provided in this Answer Record.
2. Install fpgaexp35.exe.
3. Install aldecsp180.exe.
4. Install 3_3_07i_pc.exe and uncheck the "FPGA Express Update" box.
5. Install Service Pack 8.
AR# 10301
Date 09/20/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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