AR# 10517


3.3i Timing Analyzer - Pop-up window shows "Unknown error parsing XML document." (Japanese/Korean Windows 98/2000/NT.)


Keywords: unknown, parsing, XML, cross, probing, cross-probing probe, hyperlink, error, Windows, 2000, 98, NT

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General Description:
When I open a previously saved XML Timing report, the following dialog box appears:

"Unknown error parsing XML document."


To work around this problem, avoid the XML Timing report. Instead, use an ASCII TWR Timing report. To do this, you must disable cross-probing from Timing Analyzer by setting the XIL_PROBE environment variable:


With XIL_XPROBE set to "0", Timing Analyzer will create an ASCII Timing report (TWR file) instead of an XML timing report. The ASCII report will not contain hyperlinks for instances and paths in the design.

Please also see (Xilinx Solution 10709) for information on related issues.
AR# 10517
Date 08/21/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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