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AR# 10559

3.1i UNIX Install (HP/Solaris) - After installing the 3.3.06i Update CD, some Cadence Virtex-II schematic libraries are missing.


Keywords: Install, Cadence, library, schematic, Virtex II, 3.3.06i, UNIX, HP, Solaris

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After installing the 3.3.06i Device and Service Pack Update, my Virtex-II schematic
libraries are not available.


There is a file delivery problem regarding the Cadence Virtex-II libraries on the 3.3.06i CD.

1. The missing Cadence Libraries can be retrieved from the original 3.1i distribution.

Solaris Users

Please insert the CD labeled:

CAE Libraries
Alliance Series 3.1i

and run the CAE Library installation. Select the CAE Libraries Install option.

HP Users
Please insert the CD labeled:

Implementation Tools - HP
Alliance Series 3.1i

and run the installation. Select the CAE Libraries Install option.

2. Select the Cadence tool, then select the Virtex-II devices.

3. Run the installation. This will add the missing Virtex-II Cadence library files.

4. When the installation completes, the 3.3.06i Device Update CD must be run.
This will update the Virtex-II Cadence Libraries to include the latest files.

(NOTE: This must always be run after installing the original 3.1i CAE Library install;
any library files that have changed will be updated.)

5. Run the latest service pack installation. (NOTE: This always must be run after
installing the 3.3.06i Device Update CD, as the latest service pack contains updated
device files that were not included in the Device Update install).

Service Pack 6 is included in the 3.3.06i Update CD. If a more recent Service Pack is
available on support.xilinx.com, download and install it instead.
AR# 10559
Date 08/19/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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