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3.1i Install - After installing an Update CD, I encounter "NGDBuild Error:Ngd:788- NGD file version is 2.15"


Keywords: 3.1i, install, NGDBuild, ERROR:Ngd, version 2.15

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After installing the 3.3.06i Update CD, I ran NGDBuild and received the following message:

Reading component libraries for design expansion...

ERROR:Ngd:788 - NGD file version is 2.15. The tool was expecting version 2.14
FATAL_ERROR:Ngd:basngenv.c:605:1.6 - (NGD-internal) version mismatch. Process
will terminate.



This problem occurs if the Update CD is installed without also installing the latest Service Pack.
Service Pack 6 is on the 3.3.06i CD and should be installed after the Device Update CD, unless
there is a later Service Pack available on

The error occurs because some files on the CD contain NGL component libraries that are in the
new "2.15" format. New service packs contain the version of NGDBuild that can read files in this
new format.


If WebPACK is installed and the path variable points to the WebPACK directory before it points
to "$Xilinx", this error will occur. NGDBuild is used by both, but WebPACK uses an older version,
which is found by the $Xilinx tools first.

The solution is to move the $Xilinx ahead of WebPACK in the path.


Make sure that there is not an older installation existing in another directory. The error message
will occur if the tools are detecting an older version of NGDBuild.

If this is the case, remove those programs through "add/remove programs," and delete all the files
in the install directory.
AR# 10568
Date 08/19/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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