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3.1i Install - Do I install all of the 3.3.06i Device Update CDs when I have multiple versions of the Xilinx tools?


Keywords: 3.1i, install, multiple, versions, Foundation, ISE, Alliance

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(NOTE: This solution was revised on 1/15/01.)

I have received multiple 3.3.06i Device Update CDs (Foundation, Foundation ISE, Alliance).
If I have multiple products installed on the same computer, do I need to install each disk
individually? (Regardless of which CD I install, I only get the option to update one software tool.)


(Please note that this solution has revised instructions, effective 1/15/01.)

You will receive a different Update CD for each tool, but the files for all tools are duplicated
on each CD. The installer checks for the most recently installed tool and defaults to update it;
therefore, the same installation screen may appear, regardless of which CD is used.

If you have Foundation and Foundation ISE installed, run the installation twice, using the Registration
ID for each product; run the Service Pack after each install. It is only necessary to use one installation
CD, but you need to manually enter your original Registration ID for each product, regardless of which
installation screen comes up by default.

For Alliance or Foundation 3.1i, selecting either tool for installation will automatically update the other.

(NOTE: The most recent service pack must also be applied after finishing the Device Update.)
AR# 10569
Date 08/19/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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