AR# 10595


3.1i - virus report - AVX virus checker reports \Xilinx\spartanxl\data\spartanxl.acd infected with NATAS:4746 virus


Urgency : Standard

General Description:

After installing Service Pack 5, the AVX 2000 Professional Anti-Virus program

reports "\Xilinx\spartanxl\data\spartanxl.acd infected with NATAS:4746 virus"


This is a false positive report by the AVX anti-virus software.

This report was duplicated with the AVX software on SP 5 and SP 6

versions of the same file. No other common anti-virus

program reports a virus in this file. This file was analyzed

by the software group and confirmed to be clean.

AR# 10595
Date 04/13/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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