AR# 10658


3.1i Install - Service Pack installation causes a re-boot during file extraction on Windows 2000


Keywords: Install, service pack, SP6, re-boot, Windows, 2000

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When attempting to install a service pack on Windows 2000, the machine
re-boots at 90% completion of the file extraction.



Check environment variables for the following:

1. Ensure that there are no spaces in the path or variable name.

2. Try setting all of the environment variables to capital letters, as the Package
Wizard is known to have occasional problems with lower-case environment

For example:

TEMP = C:\TEMP rather than TEMP = c:\Temp


There are also known issues that involve Virus Scanners interfering with the
installer. If the previous two suggestions do not work, try disabling all Virus
scanners during the installation.

This problem has been seen specifically with Command's F-Prot Virus protection
software for Windows 2000 Professional.

Windows 2000 Professional - SP1
Command's Fprot AntiVirus Software V4.59.4

If using this software, try the following:

- Disable dynamic virus protection within the anti-virus software by going to
the Preferences menu, choosing Active Protection, and de-selecting "DVP."

- You may also need to disable the F-agent from the systray. To do this, use
your mouse to right-click on the F-agent icon; or, hit the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys
to bring up Task Manager, and stop the following services:

css av scheduler
css communication agent

- Then, try to install the service pack again.
AR# 10658
Date 08/19/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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