AR# 1068


Foundation: Importing a Viewlogic design with a user library


Keywords: Viewlogic, Foundation, User library

Urgency: Standard

General Description: User-created macros for most Viewlogic designs
reside in the project directory, or "primary" library. However, some users
or companies store frequently-used macros in a separate directory
(referred to here as a "non-primary user library"). This directory is
referenced in the viewdraw.ini as a read-only [r] or read-write [w] library.

When importing a Viewlogic design, the Foundation tools look
only in the primary library for user-created macros. If the macro is
not found in the primary library, a warning is issued and there will
be a blank space in the design.

How can this be avoided?


The solution is to import the required macro schematics from
the non-primary user library before importing the main

Example: The main design is C:\PROSER\TOP, and it uses
macros called 7BIT_REG and MULT_8X8 from C:\MYLIBS\LIB1.

1. Start the Foundation Schematic Editor and select File ->
Import ViewLogic Schematic.
2. Browse to C:\MYLIBS\LIB1\SCH and use CTRL-click to select
7BIT_REG.1 and MULT_8X8.1. Click OK to import these
3. Select File -> Import ViewLogic Schematic again.
4. Browse to C:\PROSER\TOP\SCH, and select TOP.1. Click OK
to import the design.
AR# 1068
Date 08/11/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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