AR# 10712


3.1i Install - 3.3.06i Device Update CD install gives error on HP-UX version 11


Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When installing the 3.3.06i Device Update CD on

HPUX-11, I get an error message that the installer

cannot expand files and


There are some rare cases where the installer on HPUX-11 fails

to expand files named and This is

apparently caused by some combination of existing libraries and files on the

target machine, but it hasn't been reproduced.

The solution is to go ahead and install off the CD. In most cases, the install

works fine. If these two files failed to expand, you will receive an error

message and the install will continue until finished. If you received

the error we will need to diagnose the cause. Please obtain the fileset.txt,

the configuration of the machine, present libraries and devices installed

prior to this update, and your Case Number. Send this information to

AR# 10712
Date 04/13/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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