AR# 10777


1.0 JDRIVE - "...Error - compare fail. (activity: 2, instruction: ISC_READ)"


General Description: 

When attempting to perform an operation on a device with JDRIVE, the following error message is reported: 


"Xilinx JDrive v1.00 


...Error - compare fail. 


status of device: device1 

action: program () 

procedure: proc_verify (config) 

flow: flow_verify (config) 

block: Initialize 

activity: 2 

instruction: ISC_READ 



Pay close attention to the activity and instruction values for this error message. If they match the values listed above, please see (Xilinx Solution 10761)


When "compare fail" occurs with "activity:2" and instruction ISC_READ, this is caused by one of the following three problems: 


1. A program operation was attempted on a Virtex device in a JTAG chain with other devices. (See Solution 2 below). 


2. The JTAG clock is not set. This problem is indicated in the <design>.bgn file by the following flag: 


-g StartUpClk:CCLK 


The correct setting for this flag is: 


-g StartUpClk:JTAGCLK 


3. The bitstream security is set. JDRIVE cannot configure a device that has the security flag set to any value other than NONE. This problem is indicated by one of the following flags: 


-g Security:LEVEL1 

-g Security:LEVEL2 


The correct setting for this flag is: 


-g Security:NONE


JDRIVE issues related to programming Virtex devices in a JTAG Chain with other devices 

Because Virtex devices are not fully 1532 compliant, JDRIVE cannot program Virtex devices that are in a JTAG chain with other devices. You can work around this limitation by modifying the BSDL files that are in use. Please contact Xilinx Customer Applications for further details at:
This issue does not affect Virtex-II or Virtex-II Pro.

AR# 10777
Date 05/14/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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