AR# 10855


EXEMPLAR - "ERROR: NgdBuild:432-logical block 'xx' of type '<primitive>' is unexpanded"


Keywords: error, NGDBuild, Leonardo, unexpanded, primitive

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
NGDBuild issues the following error when it cannot resolve the primitives that are being used:

ERROR: NgdBuild:432-logical block 'xx' of type '<primitive>' is unexpanded.


During Leonardo Spectrum synthesis optimization for HDL code, there is an option to choose between "-downto primitives" or "-downto technology".

In this case, be sure that the "-downto technology" option is selected. (The "-downto primitives" option targets gate-level designs.)

This selection will be incorporated into a file used by the synthesis engine which, in turn, creates a different netlist.
AR# 10855
Date 04/20/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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