AR# 10872


3.1i Virtex-II PAR - Problem found with LVDS legality checking.


Keywords: LVDS, PAR, ERROR:Place:1682, place, placer, placement, LOC

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I attempt to lock down the LVDS I/Os based on the location from a previous valid
placement, I encounter errors that terminate the PAR run:

ERROR:Place:1682 - The LVDS Pair of IOBs L3_TX_CAD0_H and L3_TX_CAD0_L are
locked in a set of non-paired sites AE24 and AD25. This makes this design
unroutable and the LVDS pins will not work correctly. Please correct the
design before continuing.

This was found to be an over-flow condition that occurs on larger devices.


This problem is fixed in the latest 3.1i Service Pack available at: The first
service pack containing the fix is 3.1i Service Pack 7.
AR# 10872
Date 10/21/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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