AR# 1102


How to use PROflow with the 4000e family.


Proflow will prompt the user to reset the family type everytime the user
re-opens a 4000e schematic. If the user tries to bypass this, it will
cause an error, if they choose xc4000, then proflow will remove the xc4000e
library from the viewdraw.ini.


Select the xc4000 when starting a project in PROflow. Then, enter the
Library List Editor and modify the PATH ONLY of the xc4000 family, so it
points to the xc4000e library directory. DO NOT modify the xc4000 alias.
Then add a library that will use the xc4000e alias, so xc4000e macros will
be able to access the xc4000e library as well.

The final Library List Editor setup will look like this:

[p] (primary) C:\PROSER\4KETEST

That's all there is to it, note that all the other lines remain the same.

The paths will point PROcapture, etc., to the 4000e library files.
The xc4000 alias will keep PROflow happy.
The xc4000e alias will keep xc4000e macros happy.

This works for 6.0 with the xc4000e pre-release as well as 6.0.1.
AR# 1102
Date 10/01/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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