AR# 1111


XC5200: Dynamic power consumption values (most up-to-date)


What are the power consumption values for XC5200 devices?


XC5200 Typical Power Consumption *


One CLB driving 3 local interconnects 0.3 mW/MHZ

One device output with a 50 pF load 1.2 mW/MHZ

One Global clock buffer and clock line (die Dependent,

see below)

-> XC5202 1.0 mW/MHz

-> XC5204 1.7 mW/MHz

-> XC5206 2.0 mW/MHz

-> XC5210 2.8 mW/MHz

-> XC5215 3.5 mW/MHz

* Actual measurements taken for XC5200 devices.

** XC5200 power consumption is roughly equivalent to XC4000,

but clock power is 40% less for an equivalent device size.
AR# 1111
Date 03/12/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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