AR# 11164


LogiCORE 1024-pt FFT v1.0 - Documentation (data sheet) incorrectly specifies WEA_X as used for DMS.


Keywords: virtex, fft, 1024, WEA, WEA_X, WEA_Y

In the Virtex 1024 point FFT core datasheet, on page 5, the WEA,
WEA_X and WEA_Y signals are defined. It says that WEA is only used in Single
Memory Space (SMS) configuration, and WEA_X and _Y are used in both DMS
and TMS. On page 12, in the DMS diagram, WEA is used, not WEA_X.


WEA are used for SMS and DMS. WEA_X and WEA_Y are used for TMS only.
AR# 11164
Date 09/10/2008
Status Archive
Type General Article
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