AR# 11216


System Generator for DSP v1.0 - 'Error in ==> C:\sysgen\v1\xlDocs.m On line 62 ==> xlInstallAction"


Keywords: System Generator, SysGen, docs, help, setup, install, setup.m, xldocs

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
I am installing System Generator and encounter the following error:

??? Error using ==> xlinstallaction Cannot make directory toolbox because does
not exist.
Error in ==> C:\sysgen\v1\xlDocs.m On line 62 ==> xlInstallAction;
Error in ==> C:\sysgen\v1\setup.m On line 15 ==> xlDocs;

(The documentation installer fails if MathWorks documentation has not already
been installed.)


The SysGen documentation installer assumes that users have already installed
MathWorks documentation. The MathWorks documentation installer creates the
directory "$MATLAB/help/toolbox" and the System Generator installer assumes
it is already there. If it is not there, then the above error occurs.

To work around this problem:

If you have not installed any MathWorks documentation, you can install documentation
from your MATLAB docs CD. (NOTE: In R12, the docs CD is separate from the program
CD, unlike R11).

You can also create your own help/toolbox directory in the MATLAB tree before installing
System Generator. This allows you to get the SysGen blockset online docs, even if you
have no TMW docs.
AR# 11216
Date 02/10/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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