AR# 11385


3.1i Foundation Schematic - Difficulty printing a schematic on an HP printer from Windows 98


Keywords: print, schematic, USB, Windows 98, Win98, Aldec, HP, printer

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When printing a schematic from Foundation Aldec on a Windows 98 (Second Edition) machine to an HP printer, nothing -- not even an empty page -- is printed. Other applications on this machine are printing successfully.



Aldec development has not been able to reproduce this problem. However, field engineers have been able to get customers' HP printers to work using one or more of the following methods:

1. Print via the parallel port (same machine, same printer, same schematic);
2. Print to a file, then send the file to the printer;
3. Save the schematic as a bitmap in Print Preview, then print it;
4. Change or reload the printer's driver;
5. The Foundation Schematic tool can not properly print if there are spaces in the network printer path name. Remove the spaces or replace them with "_";
6. Install TCP/IP drivers onto the print server (Please see Resolution 2 for more information).


This problem was solved at one site by installing TCP/IP drivers onto the print server. (NETBEUI was being used as the previous print server driver.) The machine that was running the Foundation software already had the TCP/IP drivers installed.

To install the TCP/IP driver:

<ALT> + double-click the Network Neighborhood icon on the print server.
TCP/IP should be listed in the network component window. If it is not, click the ADD button, and choose "TCP/IP" to install it. You should also check under TCP/IP to make sure the binding has "file and print sharing" selected.
AR# 11385
Date 08/15/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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